Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Turkey Hunter's Prayer

I stand here this morning surrounded by Your beautiful creation and watch as the spring sky slowly fades from darkness to light.  I have come to pursue the Longbeard, and through Your grace, I have been given this chance to do so. 

As the first sparrow begins it's morning song from the tree above my head, I am reminded of the last time I stood in this spot, leaning against this oak and listening for the first sound of my prey.  Only one bird broke his silence that day, but I was persistent and my aim was true.  Later, as the sun rose above the treetops, a fine Longbeard lay at my feet.  

I knelt beside him for a time, brushing my hand across his feathers, fanning his tail as it had been when he stepped into my view, admiring the length of his beard and his spurs.  Then, as a feeling of remorse washed over me, I lowered my head and thanked You for my life... and for the one I had taken... for the beauty of this world... and for the precious freedom to chase this wonderful creature.

I am brought back from my memories as the silence is stirred by a distant gobble... 

If this is the last time I stand here beside this oak, the last sound that stirs my heart, if it is my last day on this earth, if this is the last breath that I take... I will use it to thank You for all that I have been given.


                          Shawn Thomas Christian

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